About Our Project

The Bandit Music Project has now been running for over twenty years and has grown from strength to strength, involving students from all backgrounds and locations such as Stroud, Stonehouse, Nailsworth, Brimscombe, Chalford, Cirencester , Minchinhampton, Rodborough, Cheltenham, Gloucester , Tewkesbury, Worcestershire and Bristol. Please read on.


The Bandit Music Projects


Bandit is a four day rock and pop workshop for 50 to 70 students aged 7 to 17. Students throughout the community come together to form bands and to be creative in writing and performing. The prime function of the workshop is to give young people from all backgrounds the opportunity to gain experience in musicianship, creative song writing, performance skills, confidence and team work.



Music and creative Skills

  • Song writing
  • Chord structures
  • Creation of melodies
  • Building of riffs
  • Harmonies
  • Stage presence
  • Sound checking
  • Sound recording

Resource Skills

  • Communication/teamwork skills
  • Brain storming
  • Confidence
  • Life skills

AIM: To develop the musical skills of young musicians and for students to have a lasting experience in a fun and creative environment.


  1. To develop song writing techniques
  2. To develop musicianship skills
  3. To develop music performance
  4. To provide access to professional and experienced practitioners.
  5. To provide public performance opportunity.
  6. To create an enjoyable and supportive environment in which to explore artistic ideas, develop skills and produce work.

Throughout the four days, students have access to a team of professional musicians. Each day is structured, and lesson plans are followed so each student gets an equal opportunity to participate in everything on offer. Students form bands together and create a subject on which their song will be based. Once words for a chorus or verse have been written students begin to form melodies for their songs and produce, riffs, chords and an overall structure. At this stage bands are given a rehearsal room in which they can start to arrange and rehearse their song. At all stages throughout the day tutors are on hand to guide and assist each band. Performance sessions take place throughout the four days in which bands perform to all students and tutors and in doing so get advice from tutors. On the last day all the bands perform a gig at a prestigious venue in the evening. Each student takes away their work and the experience of the four days.

Because Bandit has now been running for over twenty years and involved local primary and secondary schools it has built a good grounding in the community and has helped to setup young bands, build creative projects at schools and generally guide young musicians. The development of the Bandit workshop needs to be ongoing as each year the workshop grows with expectation. Future plans for the workshop are very positive and numbers are increasing every year.


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