Below are some of the reviews and letters that we have received over the years from running the music project. The workshops have had great support from the local press and been reviewed in all local pagers and radio stations. We have supported all local fanzines and newsletters with art work and advertisements.

Thank you letters from Bandit 33


Dear Kevin and the Bandit Team,

Apologies for the delayed thanks but I wanted to message to say a HUGE thank you for all the support you have given Stanley over all of his Bandits but especially for making his last one so special. He loved it.

We can't believe he's too old now, time flies. However, we are so grateful to you all for the opportunity for him to be part of something. Stanley is a different person doing Bandit and if you knew the anxiety he has experienced you would be amazed he can come and do what he does with you.

It has been a really positive part of his life and hopefully he can come and support in future.

Thank you,

Best wishes,

Rachel and Lee


Dear Kevin,

Thank you for another incredible week for my kids! They all just love it and we are really thankful to you and your team for making it so. Ben has already counted out the number of Bandits he can do before leaving school!!! Hilarious. So hope to see you all again before too long...

Best wishes,

Jo and David


Hi Kevin

Thanks so much! Connor had a blast and will be back for the next October Bandit

We think he left his rucksack (black Slazenger one with a green metal water bottle in the side) at the Subs Rooms after the performance. We will call there this morning to check, but did you have any lost property left over after the gig?




Hi Kevin,

Hope you are having a great Bandit project. Charlie's buzzing each day.

Many thanks,



Hi Kevin,

Thank you so much for all the hard work you and the team have put in to running the Bandit Music Project. It really is the highlight of the year for Lorcan and is such an amazing experience for all those young musicians. The final show is incredible, so well put together and it's fantastic to see them all up there having a great time.

Huge thanks to you and all the team for your time and hard work in putting it together.

We also loved seeing you perform!

Best wishes,

Katherine McCarthy


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the email.

And a BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL for Mauro's experience. He was needing something positive like that.

He had a great time and I hope he will join you guys again in March, although he is concern about GCSEs so close after that.

I have asked him about any feedback and said he would think about it.

Kind regards



Hi Kevin,

On behalf of Austin, thank you to you and the team for another successful event.

This was Austin's fourth Bandit and it's great to see him build on relationships from previous Bandits.

Thanks again.



Thank you so much Kev, Billy got so much from the work experience and sharing things with the team. I hope you had a relaxing Friday.

Thank you so much for all you do, it's such a fantastic opportunity, and not just for the youth of Stroud, they come from so far!

Thank you, you are amazing!

Take care



Thank you letters from Bandit 32


Hi Kev, Just a quick message to thank you and the team for supporting and encouraging Austin at his third Bandit. Each time he gains more confidence. It was great to see Austin reform relationships and play again with bandmates from Bandit30.



Hi Kev,

Just a quick note to thank you and the BANDIT team for giving Rosie the opportunity to be part of such a fantastic event, doing what she loves...playing the drums!

Whilst at times during the week it was a difficult, Rosie is really pleased to have continued as the night of the show was just awesome, and she left on a massive high. What an experience!!!

Thanks again and hope you all enjoy the Easter break and have a rest!!

Hope to see you next year!

Caroline, Barry and Rosie X

PS. sorry we had to leave early as Rosie suffered a migraine attack the night before the show and was struggling on just the 2 hours sleep she managed! X


Hi there, Could you send me details of the October Bandit please. I have two kids, a cellist/singer and an electro acoustic guitar player and I think they would love Bandit having seen the performances last night.

Many thanks



Hi Kevin,

A rather belated but heartfelt thank you for putting on another great event. Lorcan (and his cousins) had an incredible time at Bandit. Thank you and the team for all your work in putting something like that together, what an amazing experience for all those young people.



Many thanks



Thank you letters from Bandit 31


Hi Kevin, thanks for an amazing Bandit, it was absolutely amazing! Rubio left his red rucksack in the George room; do you have the lost property? The sub rooms don't have it... help!

Emily (Ru's mum)

Hi again Kev

Firstly, I can't say enough how brilliant bandit was last week for Dan and Seb and Fridays show was a really special moment for them and all the kids and their families, obviously. Absolutely brilliant stuff and thanks so much to you and all of your bandit colleagues.

Thanks again Nikki


Hi Kev,

Thanks again to you and all the crew for a brilliant Bandit. Every time we are still amazed by the quality of the show and all that goes into it and the performances of the young people.. especially good this year I thought! Some talented kids in Stroud!

Thanks Kev,


Hi Kevin,

Thanks from us also, it was interesting to see how Austin's confidence has grown in his second performance.

Kind regards,



Hi Kev,

Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity, Connor had such a great time! We are trying to change our Easter holiday so that he can make that one, but if not, definitely expect him for the next October one ??

All the best,



Kev - thank YOU!

Thanks so much for this fantastic project. My son (Joe) gets so much out of it



Hi Kev,

It was an awesome set this October - I was really taken with the comradery among all of the students this year, it was unreal. You all do such a fabulous job with the students and I'm so proud of what Billy achieves each and every time. He has been lucky enough to be a part of the Bandit family for so long. Please keep up the good work, and see you all next year.

Thank you



Hi Kev,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and all of the Bandit team. Last night was the first time I had managed to get to the Bandit show live and I thought it was fabulous. It was so great to see all the youngsters enjoying their performances on a proper stage and it really did feel like a good night out. I loved watching the youngsters supporting each other and being a fantastically appreciative audience for the other bands. William really enjoyed the experience as usual and I love that it allows youngsters to experience the thrill of seeing live music (as well as taking part in performing it) in a very safe and supportive way.

With very best wishes



Hi Kev,

My two boys, Dan & Seb, who are new to BandiT, absolutely loved it today. This is such a unique and brilliant opportunity for local kids who play music, thank you for facilitating it!

Many thanks,



Hi Kevin,

Joe came home buzzing from day one at Bandit, after an initial wobble about coming at all this morning, so thank you!

Many thanks,



Hi Kevin,

Thanks for another amazing week! It's a highlight of the year for Finn and Maia, they love it!! All the tutors and helpers are great. Thanks to you and the whole team for all the work you put in, it's an amazing experience. Finn brought a friend this week and he's a convert now too.

Best wishes Elinor


Hi Kevin,

I hope this finds you well. I'm sure you receive a lot of these emails but i wanted to take the time to thank you for Bandit and what it delivers. Laurie is not the most confident of children, so it has taken a few efforts to get him to join you. This said he instantly felt welcomed, comfortable and happy within the the family arms of your music conclave. This in itself is a huge credit to you and your fellow musicians. Both myself and my wife felt humbled and an overwhelming amount of pride at the live show, not just because he was on stage but also that he was a part of a brilliant production and an incredibly supportive group of people. We hope you are very proud of what you all achieve and we look forward to meeting you again at the next one. Please pass on our gratitude.

Thanks again,

Abbie, Rob and Laurie??????


Dear Kevin, James, Dan, Jacob, Jon, and all the other folks who put so much effort into this, I really cannot thank you all enough. I was close to tears throughout watching the gig, especially the way that the older kids supported the younger kids in their efforts to perform. The standard was incredible, not that this matters much to me. I commented to my wife, most schools would put on a show not much more complex than the introduction, and they'd practice once a week all term to get there. You managed that AND every group making their own composition and all the rest. In 3 days, and then they're performing. Wow. The tone of this kind of event is set from the top. It is a superb reflection of your great attitude and constructive, can-do mindset that such a remarkable achievement could be attempted, let alone so magnificently performed. Over the years my son has been doing this, I've seen his confidence and capability blossom, but I've also taken great pleasure in seeing the same thing happening to other children who I have come to recognise. It's very special. Hats off!

With my deepest thanks,

Adam (Marley's dad)


Hi Kevin,

Thanks again for all your hard work in putting Bandit together. Lorcan and his cousins had an amazing time, as you could probably tell. It is an incredible experience for them and we really appreciate you working so hard to put it together every time.

The show was fantastic, as ever.

Thanks again. Katherine


Thank you letters from Bandit 30


Dear Kev & all the Bandit crew,

Wow, you did it again, another amazing Bandit produced. It was a fabulous gig in a great location, the bands were all fantastic and what an added bonus to see Skankt play!!!

Dolly had an absolute blast and will be back again.

Thank you to you and all the team for making another Bandit happen.

Best regards Cathryn & Kev.


Hi Kev,

Thank you for another amazing project! Sebastian loved it as did Daniel.

How fantastic to be able to watch the performances back on youtube. This is a truly special project and we feel so grateful to be part of it.

My daughter is now thinking of getting involved!!!!

All very best wishes



Hi Kevin,

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone involved with Bandit 30. William had a fantastic time, again. It has been lovely to hear him chatting about rehearsals at the end of each day - he has developed team building skills as well as music skills.

Watching the concert, it was apparent how hard all of the students worked to produce their songs.

What a fantastic project it is!

Best wishes



Thanks again Kev,

Hope you all had a well deserved rest today!

Freddie had a great time last night, so did we.

See you in Summer!

(Great that you're coming back to Flexihub too)

Thanks to everyone involved,

Beverley and Jake x



Massive thanks to you and all the team this week.

It was James first time and he said he had an absolutely fantastic time, really enjoyed it and can't wait to do it all again!

Happy Easter!

Thanks John


Hi Kev,

I just wanted to thank you - Maia and Finn both had an amazing time at Bandit ! We all had a great time at the show, we liked the new venue. See you for the next Bandit!

Elinor and Paul


Hi Kevin,

I'd like to thank you and your team for organising and putting on Bandit last week. It was my daughter's Meggie, first time and she loved it! Having organised a few events in my time, I could appreciate the effort, hard work and experience that went into the week.

I hope you have a chance to relax this week.

Best Wishes



Dear Kevin,

I just wanted to thank you and your team for another amazing Bandit Project. William thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we wanted you to know how much we appreciate the time and effort you put into it each time.

With many thanks,

Lisa Roberts


Hi Kevin,

A huge thank you for putting on an amazing show once again and for giving the students such a fantastic experience throughout the week. Lorcan absolutely loved it and can't wait to be back at Bandit in October.




Thank you letters from Bandit 29


Hi Kev,

Just a quick message to thank you and everyone involved in Bandit 29.

Freddie absolutely loved the whole experience! As first timers we had no idea what the show would be like - a proper gig, we couldn't believe it and we all had such a good time.

What a truly fantastic experience for all of those young people, who are so lucky you run this. For the younger ones, like Freddie, not only was it was an opportunity to take part in something awesome and to perform on stage to an audience, but also to be inspired by the older ones who seemed to be great role models for them.

Freddie can't wait for next time, and our almost seven year old, Daisy is counting the days until she can join in!.

Thanks again,

Bev and Jake


Hi Kev,

Thanks so much for another phenomenal show! Daniel was absolutely buzzing afterwards, and we all enjoyed being able to share in the energy and fun of the culmination of a fabulous week at Bandit 29.

Thanks for making this happen for our young people- I can see the confidence it gives them.

Have a lovely rest! Please let us know dates for bandit 30 as soon as you have them!

all the best



Dear Kev & all the team,

Wow!!!! You did it, what an amazing gig and with a live audience!!

Thank you so much, yet again, for a fabulous week of Bandit. Dolly loved every minute and it was so brilliant to be back in the Subs listening to live music by such a group of talented young musicians. Having Colin the magician added another level to the evening and Fliss playing each group's song on the piano was a lovely touch. Love the fact that we can watch the recording again and again!!

Special thank you to Amy & Dave for playing with them.

Already looking forward to Bandit 30.

Thank you


Cathryn & Kev.


Hi Kevin

I just want to say thank you to yourself and all the team. What an amazing week the kids had! And the night at the subs was fantastic!! It must have been a huge undertaking Thank you so much for giving our kids, Audrey and Frank this experience They will definitely be coming back for more.

Best wishes Laura


Dear Kevin

A massive thank you to you and your team. Despite Rosa's nerves she has loved it and it's so inspiring for the kids (and us parents) to be a part of this, so many life skills!! It must be so much work, but it's hugely appreciated.

Thanks again

Carmel + Matt + Rosa


Thank YOU so much for all you and everyone involved does for such a worthwhile and remarkable project. We are all so grateful to you.

All the best,



Hi Kevin,

Firstly a big thankyou to you all for making Ralphs first music camp experience so memorable! he's still chatting now!

Secondly, have you set dates for April? He is keen to come again, but I was planning on escaping somewhere in that holiday break, so will try and work any trip around him coming to Bandit 30 if i can!




Hi Kevin

Please can you pass on our thanks to all of the team who made Bandit 29 such a success. William had a brilliant time and has already asked me to make sure he gets booked onto the next one!

Can you please just confirm that the dates for Bandit 30 are correct as according to my diary that would mean running from Wed to Sat?

With very best wishes



Dear Kevin and team

Apologies for the delay in sending this, but as ever I would like to thank you all for the project this October. Not only is this a thank you from the point of view of my child (and band members) really enjoying the experience, but also from the point of view as an audience member.

The show was fantastic! Each and every project that you run, I find myself in awe of the fact that some 16 to 22 bands write (and sometimes re-write!) music and lyrics, practice and perform an entirely new song in 4 short days, unbelievable! As well as ice-breaking, socialising and attending talks...and all of it with a massive smile, and a desire to return next time. Jason and James kept the crowd going, the magician was an unbelievably clever addition during band changeover. (Incidentally, we saw him as stage door after the performance and he was full of praise and compliments for the whole project and evening too!)

And thank you to Jon, who looked after Billy's drums, not only with the replacement skins (thank you) but also with the actual experience of replacing them with Jon.

Thank you all so much, see you in April.

Take care



Thank you letters from Bandit 28


Dear Kevin and Bandit Tutors,

I just wanted to say an enormous thank you to you all for another successful Bandit. Stanley says it was the best one yet and watching him play last night and seeing him in the background it was obvious he's had a great time. We were so proud of him, it's incredible to see him on stage when we know how he suffers so with anxiety and all his other difficulties. We are so grateful to you all for your support and enabling him to be part of such a great experience.

Thank you all very much.

Best wishes,

Rachel and Lee


Hi Kevin,

Thank you so much for organising such an amazing event. Lorcan had a fantastic time and his confidence has grown enormously. We loved the show and thought all the bands were just amazing, so energetic, so well supported by the staff and student teachers. It really was a fantastic event and I'm so glad that Lorcan and his cousins were able to participate. Thank you to all of you for your hard work in putting everything together.

We look forward to seeing you at the next event.

Best wishes,



Hi Kevin,

Just to say a massive Thank You, to you and all at Bandit Music Project!

Leila had an amazing time over the 4 days and is really looking forward to doing this all over again.

We really enjoyed the live event.

Kind regards,

Mark and Laura


Dear Kevin,

A belated thank you for another wonderful BandIT. Even though i didn't think their song was as good this year, Noah said he enjoyed it more this time - so I guess it's all part of the creative process!

Noah is already convincing me to put aside any thought of going away for the Autumn half term, as he is insisting that he needs to attend the next one!

It was wonderful to see so much budding talent and confidence at the performance.

Thanks again to you and your wonderful team.

Kind regards,



Dear Kevin,

I wanted to write and thank you and your team for the amazing experience my son had last week when he took part in Bandit.

He said how friendly all the young adults were and how encouraging all the adults were. He and his band thoroughly enjoyed the performance on Thursday and can't wait to take part in the next one.

Do you know when this is going to be please?

With many thanks,



Hello Kevin,

Thank you so much for a fantastic experience for Daniel. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and really wants to do every single bandit camp! Is it a problem that he does not live in Stroud? Do you have the dates for the camp in the summer?

Daniel has come back fully inspired and motivated to write songs and practise instruments. It was a fabulous show and the fact that it is on Youtube means that he and his cousins were able to watch it together and enjoy the gig over and over again!!!

Thank you for all the energy you and other tutors put into making Bandit 28 such a wonderful experience for the young musicians.

very best wishes



Thank you letters from Bandit 27


Hi Kevin

Wow!!!!! We wanted to say a massive thank you for another fabulous Bandit. Under such trying circumstances this year you and your amazing team absolutely smashed it!! Elsie & Dolly really enjoyed themselves and we were so impressed with theirs and all the other band's fantastic performances. Although it was a shame that we were unable to actually come to the gig, the live stream was brilliant and we have watched it all over again a couple of times today! The light installation added another level to the evening and it really did feel like we were watching Top of the Pops!! Thank you again to you and your team and the wonderful student helpers. Looking forward to next year and more Bandit. Many thanks Cathryn & Kev Hall.


Hi Kevin

Just wanted to write to say huge congratulations and thank you for the show last night. I thought it looked and sounded amazing - excellent camera, sound, lighting, visionmixing and presenting, and of course the kids were great too! Really top notch and I know how much effort goes into a live stream like this.

Cheers Nick.


Hi Kevin

A huge shout-out to you & the Bandit27 team, George absolutely loved it! it has really inspired him, he's already talking about joining next Aprils session. The live-streamed Sub Rooms gig was fab, superbly compered by Jase & James / fabulously lit / great sound, all-in-all = superb.

Thanks & regards,



Dear Kevin

Thank you so much for persevering and making Bandit 27 happen this year. Billy and Guy have had the best week. They loved closing the show yesterday. You have made their half term week. Please pass on my thanks to all the organisers and helpers. With very best wishes



Dear Kevin

Just a quick message to say thanks again, once again Lewis and Emilia loved the bandit time this week! Fantastic time all round, see you in easter.



Dear Kevin

Wow, well done guys. That was absolutely brilliant, what a fabulous job setting all this up and making it all happen. Such a pleasure to watch everyone. A shame not to be there to cheer in person, but also quite nice watching from the sofa!

So much needed in these trying times.

All best,



Dear Kevin

Thank you (and the Bandit team) for everything Kevin. It must have been a lot of work.

That was amazing. Looks like everyone (family included) had a great time!

Best entertainment and fun we've seen in a long time.

Kindly, Gerald


Brilliant job Kevin.

We really enjoyed this evening and Ellie loved the experience as always.

Roll on Bandit 28!

Many thanks,

Jeanette & Nick Salter



What a great project. We are loving watching it. Thanks very much and we'll done to everyone.




Dear Kevin.

What an amazing evening. We were super impressed at what the kids put together, and were especially proud of Controversi-aaaaaaaaal!!!!!!! We were really amazed at their musicianship.

Please pass on our thanks to the amazing folks who gave their support - the students, pros, techies and presenters - they took the whole thing up to another level. And of course Jack Wimperis amazing backdrop.

Our family and friends in different corners of the world have also loved the opportunity to watch the performances and couldn't believe the energy and standard.

Thanks again on behalf of Noah and ourselves,

Nadja and Rom



You and the team did a fantastic job, and it really means a lot to us. It gave us a lot of pleasure to watch.

Marley hasn't stopped playing since he was there.

My best wishes,



Thank you letters from Bandit 25


Hi Kevin

Please please pass on a massive thanks to your team, as before they were awesome and Billy has had a fantastic time with you all.

A massive thank you to you too, your dedication and support for all who attend is amazing. Can't thank you enough.

All of the bands gave an amazing performance yesterday, as an audience member, I was sad when it finished! It was brilliant.

Thank you all.

Kerry Ps. Thanks to Stan too for the photo's - is there any chance we could have a set of the Notionless pictures by email?


Hi Kevin,

Thank you so much for running Bandit 25.

Ellie had a FANTASTIC time and Nick and I thoroughly enjoyed the performances on Thursday.

Ellie is talking to the rest of her Notionless band mates and they are discussing practicing at Stroud High every other week, which is just fantastic!

We look forward to joining you again at Easter.

Best waishes,



Hi Kevin,

Thanks you again for a superb Bandit. Arch really loved it and so did his friend Cass. Archie is talking about setting up a band which just goes to show the positive impact the project has on kids.

Thanks again to you & all the guys.




Hi Kevin. That was fantastic. Thank you to you and your wonderful team. Zander had a fabulous time. It looked like everyone else did too!

How do I go get a couple of pictures from the backdrop? We would love to have one of the boys jumping!

Best wishes Natasha


Hi Kevin

Just wanted to thank you on be again for the wonderful experience gained throughout the past week.

Some fantastic pictures were taken, would it be possible too get copies of any with Lewis and Emilia in, the photographer really caught them amazing.

Also just too ask when you are free if you would put the shout out for a guitar teacher for both Emilia and Lewis.

Many thanks for any help with this, as much prefer personal recommendations



Thank you letters from Bandit 24


Hi Kev, we just wanted to thank you and your amazing team & student leaders for the most fabulous four days our daughter, Dolly has had. She turned up on Monday not knowing anyone except her drum teacher and finished up performing on Thurs eve at the Subs with her band. She was looked after so well and her confidence in her own talent grew day by day. She loved the fact that her drum kit has been tuned and tweaked to sound better. Everyone was friendly and welcoming, and she will definitely be taking part again. Thank you again, you are all brilliant!

Cathryn & Kev Hall.

Hi Kevin Thank you for giving Francesca such an amazing experience this week. She has loved it and made some lovely friends. We were very impressed with the concert last night and especially at the confidence and enjoyment that all the performers portrayed. Well done to you and your team. I am sure you will see Francesca again - maybe with her sister next time!

Kind regards


Message from Alex Thomson's Guardian

Good to meet you last night. Thank you for all your support to Alex. We were so impressed, pleased to see him play alongside good musicians with quite a different music style from his usual favourites. It can't have been easy to fit him in, he has rather strong views! It is teaching him so many new skills. Alex

Dear Kevin

It is remiss of me for not dropping you a line before now to thank you for a wonderful experience you and your team have given to Alisha during Bandit last week. She had a great time and already looking forward to joining again next Easter.

Have a great Easter!

Best wishes



I can't believe how well he came on. He went from I can't perform to coming off stage and saying when can I do it again. So very very proud of him.

Thank you to you for recommending BANDIT, and I thanked Kev on the night, but thanks to all who ran the course and brought him out of himself. Not least Pat the music student. Henry can't wait to do it all again in October.

My Dad, who is a professional musician himself, paid for the course and is thrilled to bits with the results. We filmed the performance for him - and you can clearly be seen in the bottom of the frame supporting them. A big pat on the back to you, as he can only learn what you teach, and you've given him a confidence he's never had before, so thank you.

I put the videos on my Facebook page and several of my friends want to know when the single will be released.

I attach the 2 videos for you - unfortunately an alarm went off on my phone so there is about a second of the performance missing before by husband managed to restart it.



Thank you letters from Bandit 23


Thank YOU, Kev, We love bandit. You all do such a great job. Tom had such a great time.

You may have a full house of Clarke boys at Easter - Charlie hopes to be back with Place Nation and our middle one is building up courage to come with his bass.

Looking forward to it already,

Lu Clarke


Dear Kevin,

Thank you again on behalf of Max and myself for a truly amazing experience. It completely exceeded our expectations. Bandit is a wonderful project and I am so happy Max got the opportunity to be part of it. We have the dates in the diary for next year.

Kind regards

Cally, Max and family


Hi Bandit Team. Just to say a big thank you for Bandit. It was brilliant, and Wilf loved it! Thank you so much.

See you soon


Sent from my iPhone

Dear Kevin & Bandit Team,

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for Bandit 23, Archie had an amazing time and loved it. He really felt part of it and it was a brilliant experience for him. The show was fantastic, and we really appreciate all the hard work you & your team put in. He will be doing it again in April!

Kind regards



Thank you letters from Bandit 21


Hi Kev, Just wanted to write a quick note while the noise from last night is still ringing in our ears to say how impressed we were with the Bandit team and project.

My two boys (Cooper and Zach, 11 and 10) had a fantastic experience - they were in absolute awe of the bigger kids and were so well looked-after. I could see how they grew in confidence after the performance last night - we think it's a really special thing that you've created.

I have quotes from them both.

Zach said: "Thank you for running Bandit. It was a blast. I'd love to go again. I had a lot of fun and I really faced my fears going on stage."

Cooper said: It was really really really fun. I want to have bass lessons now. I'm definitely coming next time."

Many thanks and best regards,

Annie Smith


Dear Kevin,

My son, Sam Roe, loved his first experience with Bandit last week and he would love to do the October half term one at Maidenhill School.

I am guessing that it can get booked quickly. Is he able to get a place?




Amazing project. A huge thank you to you and the entire team. You must all be shattered!

Our boys loved it!


Sent from my iPhone

Thank you letters from Bandit 17


Hi Kev

Highest quality Bandit yet, we reckon!  Well done and thank you yet again.

Any idea of the date of the Easter one?  Trying to organise things around it as usual.



fantastic BANDIT tonight , as always, at the Subs. We have some extremely talented youngsters in the valleys ( and some came from Brizzle) - and they are very lucky to have such excellent tutors and mentors. Well done Kev, Dave Ayre, Emily Woods, Jack Powis Page, Mel Rodicq, James Dart, Jamie Burgess, Jason Howlett and John West #StroudNProud


Lottie The Prince Albert Stroud


Hi Kev

Just wanted to say thank you to you and the team for yet another great Bandit. Louis has been coming to Bandit for about three years now and it is always such an amazing experience and yes, we are one of those families who have to arrange our holidays around it!

Bandit has given Louis incredible confidence in playing live and valuable performance experience. His band, Drifted, formed at Bandit about 18 months ago and they now get together every week at Music Works in Tetbury on a Saturday morning to practise and write more songs. For such young lads, they are so dedicated and driven a seed that Bandit has undoubtedly nurtured and helped grow. Through Bandit, they have got the bug to play more live venues and have performed in Gloucester at a SOMAC event, the Cavern in Gloucester and the Hog Pub in Horsley. All fired up from their Bandit performance, their next gig is at the Prince Albert on Saturday 5th November at about 7pm so if you’re free, it would be great if you could pop in for half an hour. All this would not have happened if it weren’t for Bandit, so deep deep gratitude to you all for giving young people such an amazing opportunity.

Best wishes



Thank you letters from Bandit 16


Your thanking us?!!! Kevin the work that you and your team put in twice a year to make these events happen is amazing. It's you guys that deserve the thanks. Both my boys had a wonderful time and produced great work. The evening was really enjoyable and the standard of all the performances unbelievable. We are all - musicians and proud parents, looking forward to the Autumn show. 

In appreciation
David Barker


Good morning,

I just wanted to say Lewis has really enjoyed his time at bandit this week and loved performing last night, I wish there were more opportunities for him to play as part of a band as it's the best form of practice. We weren't able to stay for the duration of the evening but the acts we did see were amazing and everyone was so happy, what a great bunch of young people. 

Thank you to all of the bandit team and to Jon for putting Lewis forward for the project in the first place.

Kind regards

Sirina Hyatt


Hi Kevin
Thank you and congratulations for another great Bandit - and it was really fun a Woodchester!
Well done to everyone involved.
I mentioned to John West last night that Charis didn't get a performer's lanyard as she was late in on Monday - do you have any spare? John said he'll drop one in to us if you had one, or I'm happy to collect from you. Charis likes them for her souvenir box!
Thanks again Kevin to you, John, Andy and all the team.
Very best wishes
Sarah L Jackson



What an experience! Sam and Jake both had an incredible time this week - they were excited but quite nervous ahead of Monday, but when I picked them up each day they were absolutely buzzing! They've made new friends and can't wait for the October BandIt.

And all the hard work that was put in to the three days culminated in memorable performances at Woodchester Mansion last night. Yes, it was a difficult place to find, yes it was cold, yes it was a bit of a trek down to the mansion, yes it felt even more of a trek on the way back up afterwards..but it was a truly great event! Actually if you went to the loo enough times you began to 'feel the benefit'of being inside!! The trek down was stunning with the blue sky and sun shining through the woods. The trek back up the hill in the dark gave us a good giggle! And the journey home was much quicker and easier because we decided to ignore the SatNav and Dan's dubious 'nose' for the right route, and follow in reverse the very clear directions your Mum had given me a couple of days previously!!

Thank you so much for organising such an amazing opportunity - you and all your team put so much in to it. We couldn't believe how far they'd come in just three days. Mind blowing really.

Have a lovely weekend and a well deserved rest!

Thanks again

Susie and Dan


Hi Kevin,

A big thanks from Arthur (and us) for this year's Bandit - he loved every minute of it and I'm certain you'll see him at the next one... and the one after that... and the one after that... I think he's set off on the road to Rock n Roll, of which we all know there is no return. Great stuff.

Laura and Arthur will be at Maiden Hill this morning to collect the kit at 11 - 11.30 ish. Arthur will have a kit list with him.

Thanks again.

Have a good restful weekend.




Hi Kevin,

My son, Sam Flack, took part in Bandit 2016 last week and I just wanted to get in touch to say thank you very much for organising the three days and the evening performance which was a logistical nightmare by the looks of things. He absolutely loved it and is very keen to participate in the next one in October.

Is it possible to put us on a mailing list to keep us informed about these events? Sam will no longer be taking lessons within school, so we are keen that he doesn't miss out on these activities.

Once again, thank you very much for a very enjoyable evening.

Best wishes

Jo Flack


Dear Kevin
I wanted to email you to say thank you so much.  We have given our kids some great life experiences but feel that nothing compares to the experience that he has with you and all your fellow teachers and volunteers at Bandit.  I can't thank you enough.  
We will definitely be back in October.
Best regards


Thank you so much Kevin and all your team for another amazing Bandit!! Once again Toby has had the best four days! and we had the best night out.

Thank you.

Andie Fuller.


Hi Kevin
Just wanted to say how magnificent Bandit Project was! The organisation feels like a well oiled machine and the two stages idea worked really well. Thank you very muchly for everything you do..I can tell it's a labour of love and a massive amount of hard work. We are so lucky to have you, Dave and all the excellent tutors willing to make this're all awesome!! Thank you again! Vanessa X



Thank you letters from Bandit 14


Been meaning to email you to say thanks so much. Arun loved the week and it was so significant
for his confidence - finally he has found something that he is passionate about! I was over whelmed
with the final concert - Very moving to see Arun up there considering at the beginning of the week
he was adamant he would not go up.
Arun definitely wants to come to the next one so hopefully next time we will get to meet.
Thanks again - it was amazing.
Best regards
Versha Carter


Hi Kevin,

I'm Matt Davey's mum, (Matt was in the group "sustained overdrive").
I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the Bandit performance last week.
The visual and sound effects were incredible, and I particularly liked the video background.
( Seeing what went on behind the scenes ).
Thank you so much for masterminding the project, and giving up your time in the Easter hols.
Matt also enjoyed the experience. (He's usually reluctant to try new things).
We won't want to miss the next event,

Jane Davey.


Thanks very much once again Kev.
Louis is really improving his competence and confidence as a player and singer and I think that's
largely down to Bandit. It's a really unique opportunity for him to play in front of his peers, play a
gig to an audience, and just as importantly, listen to others. You commented on the night about the
way all the kids supported each other at the front of the stage. What a great bunch they all were!
You were right it was fantastic to see them cheering each other on. The feedback from Louis was
that this was the atmosphere at the school as well.
I think this was another superbly positive experience for Louis and both he and I can't wait for the
next one.


Hi Kevin,
and to all involved- a massive thank you for all the hard work, enthusiasm, compassion and
inspiration you have given Luke, our son. He loves bandit and is greatly in awe of all the tutors and
how you set it up- this year(as always) was really impressive- what an experience for all the kids,
they have no idea how lucky they are!!! keep going we are here to support you!
Kind regards, Penny, James and Luke Clemenger


Thanks you Letters Bandit 13


Hi Kev, Super show again this year. Thanks so much for organising. Louis really enjoyed himself again, and what a great experience he had!
Looking forward to next time.

Do you have a link to Bandit 13 photos yet?


Dear Kevin

Just wanted to say thanks for another fantastic Bandit gig on Thursday - this time when I asked Douggie if he was going to go next time, it was a definite "yes"!! Seriously though, a very talented group of kids, and great direction from you and the other tutors, obviously it was an immense amount of work for you all, but it seemed as if you enjoyed it. Thanks again J

Very best wishes
Teresa Vance



Thanks You Letters Bandit 12


Hi Kevin

Thank you too. Luke had a fab time and will def do October. I don't suppose the big cable lead from his guitar to amp was picked up??

Please send me a link to photos of his band - the Time Travellers.

Thank you.

Emma Soares


Thank you Kevin. Well done!!
Would love a link to photos if poss.

Also, could I trouble you for a contact number or email for Dave Ayres... 
Cameron wanted to try to connect with Oli (they got on well in "the12")

We all really enjoyed it, especially Cameron.
Thanks Again, Cory


Name: Helen Hurn
Message: Hi.
I would like to thank you for another great Bandit Project. Ryan really looks foward to it every time. Please could you send me the link for the Bandit 12 photos.
Many Thanks
Helen Hurn


Hi Kevin

Toby had a fantastic time taking part in Bandit - thank you! It was his first one and at the end of the performance he & his band mates were already arranging to meet up again in October. We thought the evening was really well organised with great swiftness between performances - a big achievement!

While we can't lay claim to any of the lost property, we would love to see some of the photos from the night (Toby was in "No Power") so if you could send me the link to those I'd really apreciate it.

I look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Best wishes, Sarah Stacey.


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the follow-up message.  Joanna really enjoyed her second Bandit project and is already talking about taking part in the next one!  We thought the last gig was so impressive and well put together.  Thanks go to you and your great team!

Can you please send me the link to the photos of the bands - thanks!

Best wishes,



Hi Kevin,

Yes, would love to see the photos, please send me the link. 

Kyle had a fantastic time, look forward to seeing you in October.



I have been meaning to write and thank you.  Noah had such a good time at Bandit (his second time).  It is a great experience you are offering and is much appreciated.

Best wishes,

Caroline Vacara


Hi Kevin,

Just want to say thanks again for a great event. Louis loved it again and he is already talking about the next one. It really is fantastic walking into the school, down that corridor with the sound of drums and guitars coming out of every room and seeing all the cool kids getting together to do music. I think it's a wonderful thing you are doing. It's had quite an impact on Louis, and I have seen his musical ability and confidence grow even more this year.  

I would love to have the link to the photos if that is ok. Louis was the singer/acoustic guitarist for the '90's' themed band this time.

Cheers, and see you again in October.

Andy Guy


Hi Kevin, thanks very much for organising another great event!! We are interested in Bandit 13 already, I also have a flute playing daughetr as well as Rory on guitar. I wanted to develop his lead guitar playing and vocal skills, have you got any ideas? I am interested in the link to photos of his band, all best James

Thanks Again Kevin
Atticus really enjoyed it;  it gives him a real sense of occasion and an understanding of the joy and difficulties of coming together in a band! And lots more!   Him and Arthur will definitely be up for the October stint.
Rachel Morley


Dear Kevin

I did put a note on your Facebook page, but just wanted to say how great we thought the whole experience was for Douggie he didn't really want to go, but (grudgingly!) enjoyed it, so we are hoping he will be coming again in October. So thank you for all your efforts, and to all the guys you had helping you - everyone was very helpful and pleasant.

Many thanks, and yes please I would like to see a photo of the whole band (No Power!_

Best wishes

Kevin - just wanted to say a big thank you for Band12. What a positive, affirming experience for the young people. It was great to see how every group had achieved something they could be proud of and the gig at the end was done so well - it had a real positive sense of occasion where all were recognised and encouraged. You did an excellent job balancing the instruments especially as guitars can't help but turn themselves up! I thought Jason was excellent at creating an atmosphere and energy on the evening. Tom had a fab time.
Well done and thank you to all the team



Hi Kev,

Thanks for Bandit - kids had brilliant time! Really loved it.

Wonder if you recorded the concert or rehearsals - our phone ran out on night. Would love a recording of it if you have anything.??

Ali Coles, Mum of Anna (in the Ancients I think), says she will be up your way tomorrow and could pick up flute stand if you could leave it in your porch. Is that poss?

If you can let me know I will tell her.

Thanks very much...



Reference Letters


18 February 2013
Dear Sir/Madam
Bandit Music Projects have become a highly valued part of the music calendar locally. Several Thomas Keble students have participated, some returning year on year. The projects provide the students with opportunities to work with other musicians of their own age but, more crucially, to work with a number of professional musicians. Each project results in a live performance in frount of usually large audiences.

Comments from Thomas Keble students include:
Bandit provides an opportunity for young bands to experience a professional gig.
Working with other musicians is fun and has resulted in lasting friendships
Builds team and group work skills
Has improved my confidence
Kev's a brilliant leader

I am always willing to promote Bandit Music Projects at Thomas Keble as I know their value and the enjoyment and experience my students gain from them.

Yours sincerely
Helen Copestake
Head of performing Arts



I am writing in support of the Bandit Music Projects

I have known Kevin Howlets as a musician and tutor for over ten years and we have aided the Band It
project over a number of years with gift in kind support by providing equipment and venue space for the
closing Band It performance event. SVA's involvement has always been exciting and fulfilling and we value
the band it project in terms of connecting with young adults that possibly would not have such easy access to
this type of educational activity.

The workshop programme is well organised and involves professional musicians that provide excellent out
of school activities for many young people in the easter and October breaks.
If this application is successful it can only raise the projects profile and enhance an already well organised
and inspiring workshop programme.

Yours sincerely
Jo Leahy
Director, Stroud Valley Artspace.


To whom it may concern:

I am delighted that Maidenhill students have the opportunity to participate in the Bandit workshops. Students of all ages, gender and background are able to develop skills and interests under the professional guidance of adults who are committed to young people and share their own passion for music. Students from a range of local secondary and primary schools attend, thus adding to our community cohesion.

The students who take part in the Bandit workshops benefit hugely from the experience both musically and socially.


Mrs P Wilson
Head Teacher Maidenhill School Stonehouse



To whom it may concern:

This is to confirm that we believe the Bandit series of workshops and performances to be an extremely valuable part of the musical provision for young people in this area. They enable students to work together outside the school curriculum, meeting new faces, studying with new tutors and embarking on projects that are not necessarily possible within the constraints of the school timetable. There is also the opportunity to use and learn about equipment which may not be available in the students' home schools.

I am fully aware that many students from Archway make good use of these holiday courses and that they find them to be highly beneficial, broadening musical horizons, expanding musical language, extending technical and instrumental or vocal skills and developing composition skills. Our youngsters are unanimous in their praise for the workshops and the experiences gained therefrom.

Peter Tims
(Head of Music)

Archway School Stroud


19 February 2013

Dear Sir/Madam

I write in support of an application from Kevin Howlett for grant funding to support the Bandit Workshops he runs for students in the Stroud and Stonehouse area of the County.

I have known Kevin for over 5 years in my role as Headteacher at Maidenhill School in Stonehouse and now in my new role at Tewkesbury School. Kevin worked tirelessly at Maidenhill School, a successful Performing Arts School, in a strong department to enhance and enrich the educational experiences of young adults. Kevin made major contributions to that school with his technical expertise and work ethic. He frequently ran out of school activities including the Bandit workshops which ended in showcasing young talents at the Stroud Subscription Rooms. I was fortunate, on more than one occasion, to witness the fruits of his endeavours and found the experience most enjoyable.

Kevin generates well-structured opportunities for youngsters from a range of backgrounds, different schools and different skills to come together and produce a multi-media extravaganza over a short period of time.

Since moving to Tewkesbury, I have managed to secure Kevin's talents on a freelance basis and he is already making an impression on the youngsters at Tewkesbury School. I commend to you Kevin personally and all his good work and hope that you look favourably on his projects which do a great deal for the youth of Gloucestershire.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require more information.

Yours faithfully

Gary Watson
Headteacher Tewkesbury School



Thank you letters


This is just a note, rather late in the day, to congratulate you on Bandit 2012. Also to thank you. You and your team did a fantastic job and created something really special for the gig on Thursday night. What a fantastic venue. It was a wonderful week and we hope we will be allowed back next year!

best wishes,



Name: Brian and Pam Jenkinson
Message: Dear Kevin and team
Many thanks for another great Bandit workshop and especially last night's gig. The new venue at the Goods Shed was brilliant and much better to have the bands all set up and ready to go. Keith Allen did a brilliant job compering the event and it was good to see it supported by Patsy Gamble and John (I didn't catch his surname), doing all that amazing percussion electronic stuff!
Laura can't wait for the Easter session now!




Hi Kevin

Just thought I would drop you a quick line to say a big thank you to you and the Bandit team. Harvey had a fantastic week and last night was really inspirational. I hope it felt like a success for you after all your efforts, you must be knackered.
Hope to see you at the next one.

Many regards

Paul Knowles


Dear Kevin

So sorry it has taken me so long to get around to sending you this email, but here goes. Lois has had a ball with you guys over the October half term and it is something she is still talking about, so, firstly, a very big thank you to you and all your colleagues for putting on such a fantastic weekend, The CD came the other week and Lois was so pleased, thanks so much for this. I would like to know if some of the photographs that were taken over the weekend are available as Lois is also keen to have some photographs of her fellow Bandit4's. Also, she would also be very interested in knowing if we can get hold of the video that was made for U and The Plastics, as she starred in both!

If there is any chance of being able to get hold of these copies, I would gladly pay, or donate as appropriate.

Hope you are looking forward to your well-earned rest over the holidays and I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards, Christina Hinder

Mum to future drum star, Lois Hinder!

Christina Hinder



Dear Kevin

Thank you and your team so much for a very enjoyable performance last night, and Barnaby was very grateful to have been involved, he really enjoyed the whole experience. It was obvious how much work had gone into it, so a big well done.

Please let us know if there is anything like Bandit going on at other schools that you may know of.

All the best

Rebecca Wilson



Stonehouse Town Council

Re: Bandit 3 Rock Workshop

I refer to the above and the Town Council grant made to enable young people in Town to participate in, and benefit from the opportunity to compose and make music with industry professionals.

The feedback I have received from those involved has been that they benefited greatly from the experience and as a result confidence levels have risen in those people which matches exactly the reasons the grant was made.

Congratulations to all those concerned.

Kind regards

Richard Lacey



Great job tonight - well done to all involved. Thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment and venue. The sounds and the images worked very well together.

Hope you get a break now - although I guess you thoroughly enjoyed the three days too!

Gary Watson

Head Teacher Maidenhill School



Dear Kev

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you! You have put in a fantastic amount of effort well over and above anything I would have expected. You have changed and improved the lives of hundreds of children. The Music tech has been a fantastic success because of you! The bandit project is amazing because of you! Many Many thanks for everything and very best wishes




Dear Gary,

Just a quick e-mail to thank you and your staff for the 2 fantastic music sessions we have enjoyed this week.

The cluster G&T music tech workshop with Kevin on Tuesday was excellent! The children went back to their (10) primary schools buzzing and excited - clutching their CDs and desperate to share their music with the rest of their class. The parent who came with me was extremely impressed with the facilities, and with Kevin's thorough expertise and gentle manner. On a personal note, I haven't visited Maidenhill for 3 years - the attitudes, manners and behaviour of your students that I saw and met this week speaks volumeS.

Yesterday's visit from your Bandit students was testament to their musical skill and talent, and underlined what confident, well-mannered, articulate, thoroughly delightful young people Maidenhill produces. Our Y6s were thoroughly inspired by their music and talent. You must be very proud of them.


Fiona Arnison

Lakefield CE Primary

Head teacher



Halloween Let's rock

Teenagers took a spooky theme for their Halloween half-term rock workshop. Musical youngster who joined in the three days of artistic fun at Maidenhill School in Stonehouse wrote songs about vampires and bats. Kev Howlett a performing arts technician and organiser of the event said: "Some were rocky and others were more like the Eagles." "It's the fifth time we've done it so we called Halloween Bandit 5." A performance and party at Stroud Subscription Rooms ended the fun on Saturday night."



Getting a real buzz as we rocked the house The Citizen

Musicians in Stroud got their first taste of superstardom thanks to a recent initiative. The three-day Bandit 3 project saw young people from across the district get together to perform and compose music. After assembling as Maidenhill School during half term, the project ended with the bands involved performing at a special show at the Subscription Rooms to a crowd made up of friends and family. Organiser Kevin Howlett said this - the third since the project began - was a great success. "All of the students were so well behaved," he said. "I've had letters from parents and those who took part saying they'd like it to happen again so we're certainly hoping it will. "it's a great chance for them to extent their musicianship and to learn how to perform and be creative." He thanked all sponsors who helped stage the event. Among those who turned out for the workshops was guitarist Harry Pizzey, 12 who formed a band - The Undecided - with some friends from Marling School for the project. The friends wrote, developed and rehearsed their song called Run Away before they took to the stage. Harry, who lives in Whiteshill, told us about his experience.. "I was a little nervous about going, as I've never played in a band before, just sitting in my bedroom at home practising. "But from the very first day, it was really great, I was in band with others I know from Marling School and we got on really well. "We got lots of help in the whole process, but we had plenty of time to work on it ourselves and really make it our song. "On the last day, a team worked with us on making a film backdrop for our performance, which looked really great on stage. It felt really professional. "I loved playing on stage - I through we did really well and all that practicing paid off. "I felt a real buzz as I walked off the stage. It was great actually playing in a band, and I hope I'll be going next year. Meanwhile, back to my bedroom for lots more practice."


Maidenhill School

DB audio technik